Name: Udi Lightfingers
Age: 27.5 (22 by human standards)
Race: Troll
Class: Rogue

Character AppearanceEdit

Udi is a tall gangly Troll with a shock of prematurely white hair, which he keeps spiked up as a mohawk. He has a shifty alert face, with eyes that never stay in one spot for too long. His face is ugly and covered with small white scars, and his tusks are short, thick, stubby, and grimy. He tends to smirk rather than smile. He is fairly polite when spoken to, but he does not look like the sort of person one would want to leave their small children with.

Udi prefers to dress in clothing that offers maximum mobility and comfort. He is usually seen wearing plain battered leather armor and wielding two swords when dressed for battle, and a loose cotton shirt and breeches when dressed for civilian life. He dislikes fancy clothes, and thus never wears them.

Character BiographyEdit

He does not like to talk about his past. It is known that the rest of his family was either killed or missing presumed dead in the Battle of Mount Hyjal and that since then, he has made a living doing odd jobs for various organizations, uncaring of the scruples (or lack thereof) involved. His current affiliation is with a guild of adventurers who make their livings by investigating potentially dangerous dungeons.

Traits of note: Has a habit of tapping his tusks with his index finger (the finger nearest to the thumb on the Troll hand, anyway). Speaks with a typical Troll voodoo mon accent, but is capable of speaking un-accented Orcish as well as presicely imitating a variety of accents. Is leery of Blood Elves.

RP: Casual
PvP: Casual
PvE: Frequent
Raid: Frequent
Player OOC notes:
I played on both Kirin Tor and Sentinels before moving to Farstriders. I'm always up for some sort of PvP, and spontaneous RP is always nice. If you are silly, I will laugh at you.

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