Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Uriella
Age: Elder
Race: Human
Class: Priestess

Character Appearance[]

Uriella is dedicated to the holy arts of priesthood and her appearance reflects this commitment. She is always kind, friendly, and very generous to those in need.

Character Biography[]

Uriella was born and raised on the Molsen farmsted in Westfall. After her parents were killed in an unfortunate turn of events, her sister left her to pursue a path of vengence. Uriella choose a more positive alternative and sought shelter in the Stormwind Cathedral. She studied the hold arts of priesthood and committed herself to making the world of Azeroth a better place. She lives her life by dedicating herself to three core values: Benevolence, Charity, and Family. Thankfully, she found others that feel the same way and formed a guild family called The Order of Beneficence.

Traits of note: Uriella focuses on the needs of others over her own.
She is always the first to say a kind word and make others smile.
She believes that everyone has something positive and special to offer the world and always welcomes a new friend.

Player OOC notes[]

Always in RP
Any OOC will be placed in ((*****))
Please feel free to say hello. *smiles*

Armory: Uriella
RP: Always
PvP: Rarely
PvE: Frequent