Name: Uriella
Age: Elder
Race: Human
Class: Priestess

Character Appearance

Uriella is dedicated to the holy arts of priesthood and her appearance reflects this commitment. She is always kind, friendly, and very generous to those in need.

Character Biography

Uriella was born and raised on the Molsen farmsted in Westfall. After her parents were killed in an unfortunate turn of events, her sister left her to pursue a path of vengence. Uriella choose a more positive alternative and sought shelter in the Stormwind Cathedral. She studied the hold arts of priesthood and committed herself to making the world of Azeroth a better place. She lives her life by dedicating herself to three core values: Benevolence, Charity, and Family. Thankfully, she found others that feel the same way and formed a guild family called The Order of Beneficence.

Traits of note: Uriella focuses on the needs of others over her own.
She is always the first to say a kind word and make others smile.
She believes that everyone has something positive and special to offer the world and always welcomes a new friend.

Player OOC notes

Always in RP
Any OOC will be placed in ((*****))
Please feel free to say hello. *smiles*

Armory: Uriella
RP: Always
PvP: Rarely
PvE: Frequent

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