Race Orc
Class Hunter
Age Old
Build Solid
Height 6 Foot
Weight 300
Hair Grey
Eyes Red
Vital Information
Family Frostwolf Tribe
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Nagrand
Current Residence Orgrimmar

Character DescriptionEdit

A older appearing orc, yet he still moves with the ease of a much younger orc. His long grey hair done up in a pony tail. He is almost always accompanied by Frostbite, his wolf companion.

History and AccomplishmentsEdit

He is one of the few surviving frostwolves who came through the dark portal. Having seen enough battle, he now searches Azeroth for a place to settle down and lead a quiet life for his remaining years. Altho something tells him this is just the beginning of a whole new adventure. Right now he journeys to Silvermoon City, in search of a old friend.

Weapon PreferencesEdit

He prefers to use a good axe and bow, if he cannot locate one that is suitable he will use a sword or gun.

Out of Character NotesEdit

Yet another hunter toon, when will I ever get sick of making them?

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