Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Violennia Windwhisper
Race: Blood Elf
Guild: Silvermoon Swordmaidens
Class: Hunter


Origianlly preparing to become a mage under the urging of her parents (both of them accomplished mages themselves), Violennia was not very interested in her training. She spent her childhood with her sisters Armailen and Maikta, longing for a chance to leave the protective walls of Silvermoon. When her parents were killed during the Scourge attack, she immediately quit her mage schooling, and left for Durotar. Training with the savage races of the Horde, Violenna quickly excelled at both archery, and befriending animals.

Returning to Silvermoon after finding herself in Durotar, Violennia rejoined her sisters, and found a new family with the Silvermoon Swordmaidens. Always restless, she set out to hunt down enemies of her people. Eventually she became Mistress of the Swordmaidens, and begrudgingly learned to employ diplomacy along with her bow. She can usually be found in Outland hunting demons or, as she jokes, in the "greener" pastures of the Fel Pits.