Guild Information
Recruiting Open to all classes and all levels, actively looking for talent for PvP and Heroic content.
Activity Time PvP and Raid groups now forming!!!
Type PvP/PvE/Leveling
Contact any of our officers, see armory link above

Team DescriptionEdit

WARLORDS is one of the largest active guilds in the realm! We are a fun and social group, who welcomes all ages, all levels and all classes. Currently, we are running Wintergrasp and BG premaids regularly. PvE groups are forming now for progression, and also offer regular low level runs.

PvE Raid ProgressionEdit

Currently, our aim is to be through 10 Man Naxx in the next 30 days. We have a lot of fresh 80's, and need to gear up. The next two weeks we will be hosting regular (3-5 nights a week) heroics runs to accomplish this. Anyone who's interested, feel free to join--they'll be posted as events on the guild calandar (if you're not a member, and want to PUG with us, contact one of our officers). We encourage you to research your class (talents/rotation) and do your best to craft/quest entry level raid gear. Google pre naxx benchmarks for your class (gear, dps, heals, etc). Also important will be enchants (that means grinding Hodir rep for shoulders, and championing your respective faction for head enchants/Arcanums), food (well fed bonus), potions, and top notch gems.

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