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War Dogs
Guild Information
Website www.TheWarDogs.com
Recruiting Yes
Activity Time CST/EST heavy on the weekends
Type PVE Progression, PVP on the Side
Contact Smokt or Vittorrio

== Description ==

We're like everyone it seems a guild of mature players probably averaging around 30 years of age. We try to keep the invites to 21+ but we do have one a bit younger, its about the maturity more so then the age.

War Dogs is a guild which strives to maintain a personal relationship between its members. This is not to say you are required to like everyone, but we hope that ya do. This is a game and we feel that games are most enjoyable when shared with friends and people that we like rather then vice versa.

War Dogs is a guild which may get silly and stupid at times. We are not little teeny boppers and kids and feel that we do not have to worry about what we're saying in guild chat. We do believe that there is a limit to vulgarity however, its similar to porn, we know how far is too far when we hear it.

Like I mentioned we're progressing through the game content one dungeon at a time. Most are in their 70's now so we're really interested in filling out the guild with like minded people for 10 and 25 man content we'll be looking to do before long.

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