Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: xetroV - Steampowered Archwizard
Age: 31
Race: Gnome
Class: Mage (Archwizard)

Character Appearance[]

xetroV is neat and tidy gnome with a backpack the size of a druid's triple wardrobe. His green hair stands out as his most prominent feature.

Character Biography[]

Mr. Tea. The steampowered archwizard. Crafted the Robes of the Archmage pre BC back on Earthen Ring. Became an archwizard. Successfully raided with an Elementalist spec (fire/ice) pre BC and acquired the Steampowered tag from that spec (fire + ice = steam). Tea has always been his drink of choice and this added to his Steampowered name. Fun loving gnome with a strange sense of humor. Normally called "X" by his friends (pronounced EX). Knows more about how to be a sucessful mage than he should. Can out dps almost any class. His skill makes up for his lack of super Uber gear. Xetrov founded the Maple Leaf Mounties guild in Feburary of 2005 when he was only 17. His guild prospered to 50 members and allied with several other guilds until The Sleepless Knights approved xetoV's application. In Sept of 2005 he joined The knights and the Maple Leaf Mounties nearly folded. Alts have taken over the Mounties on both ER and FS. Xetrov stayed with The Knights until recently when the sleepless knights switched to a PVP guild. He briefly joined up with Miscommunication then found his new home in Dragonsworn. His wife Nyteshaid plays along side him almost all the time. Usually they both can be found in the presence of Rookz & Trillien. 6 months pre BC Xetrov and Edathros formed the Tea & Corpses Zul Gurub raids. Between the 2 of them they would grab 18 others, usually guild mates and friends but not necessarily. With this hodge podge of pug and friends they would destroy Zul Gurub no matter who they brought with them. Proving that its not always gear that makes a good run but the skill of your leaders and the talents of your players to listen and perform the tasks asked of them.

Traits of note: Loves Tea. Drinks tea rather than Conjured water. Machine Gun Mage with his Mystical Skyfire Diamond Metagem his arcane missiles fly out faster than you can see. Rides a horse. (acquired pre runecloth quest turn-ins) Former Guildmaster of the <Maple Leaf Mounties> (Earthen Ring) Jewelcrafter / Tailor Completed the 0.5 set quest and can summon the "extra"bosses in the old instances (LBRS, UBRS, Strath, Scholo, Dire Maul)

RP: Hardly
PvP: Casual
PvE: As often as possible
Raid: Mon - Wed, Friday - Sun