Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Yllithia (Ylli) Loreweaver
Age: 346 (young adult in human time-line)
Race: Night Elf
Class: Priest, Warrior

Character Appearance[]

Yllithia appears to be about as average as any other Kaldorei. She stands at 7 feet, has light purple skin, long violet hair, silvery eyes, and facial tattoos that of butterfly wings. Her manner of dress is of dignity and pride. She's often seen around town in several different outfits, always carefully coordinated to match and be appealing to the eye. While in the field her tastes seem to also reflect the importance of color coordination, wheather by accident or on purpose, each outfit she changes into seems to fit with everything else.

Notable Scars: All have healed and look as if they happend some time ago, not fresh and pink but a darker purple hue. A punture wound marrs both sides of her left hand, nearly centered on her palm. Above her left knee a quarter-sized scar sprawls like that of a smashed spider. On her back just under where her hair falls, below her right ribs a sliver of an inch and a half long kissing where her kidneresides. And the sides of her neck adorn small cirular burn marks, resembling fingertips.

Traits of note: Yllithia exhibits many traits of a growing young woman. Her cheeks retain the chubbiness of youth and her eyes fill with wonder often. Her expressions are a little too flamboyant to reflect that of a wisened adult, and her emotions seem to be worn on her sleeve. She is rarely seen without a delicate smile on her face, even when she's notably lost in thought, a distant gaze common for her, the smile persists. Her words are soft save for her times of great excitment, and her eyes enveloping, which are often on those she's talking to.

Character Biography[]

Comming soon. Or not so soon, there's too much to tell that I keep putting it off for length issues.

OOC Notes[]

Armory: Good luck on finding me in actual gear
RP: Dedicated (always IC in /say and /yell channels)
PvP: None besides the occasional BG
PvE: Frequent
Raid: Casual/Frequent

Player OOC notes: Yllithia is played as several classes. Yes, they are the same person. Yes they look exactly alike. And yes, she will remember the conversation from one class to the next.