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Name: Zainithiel Dawnstrider
Age: Young male
Race: Elf
Class: Warlock, retired psychologist, generic entrepreneur.

Character Appearance[]

It's easy to say 'fabulous hair,' but it's not always so easy to actually wrap that image around one's imagination. Alas, only a true genius of imaculate imagination could envision the plume that crests his skull based on a few scant words which humbly try to pay it homage. It is styled similarly to some other elves', in that mid-length, spiked sort of way, but the way it glistens, the way it catches the sunset at the peripheries and sends a million scintillating rays of reflection back outward, the way it dances in a pleasant breeze and yet always returns to its original form, and a million other aspects which no holy book could hope to capture in it's fleeting thousands of passages... Mortal language is much too confined to describe his immaculate hair. Well, that's what Zain thinks, anyway.

It's true, his do ain't bad. As for his other features, they play well-supporting roles to his hairstyle. Aesthetically, he's gorgeous in the sort of way a super-model female would be attractive if she had a million dollars and underwent a sex change. All the accusations his horde brethren have of the Sin'Dorei being effeminate are made manifest in his appearance. A jaw too narrow, cheeks too high, lips too full to be manly. It helps little that he follows a path of magic, which offers little in the way of the physical exercise which could fill out his body. On the whole, his mein is one of the sort of andogyny that could entice or repell a member of either gender, depending on their own preferences.

Character Biography[]


Traits of note: Fabulous hair, of course
Naive and egotistically oblivious, but not stupid.
Does not command his demons. Merely offers suggestions to which they will hopefully respond positively. Not always the case.
Possibly has the soul of a thousand year-old demon imprisoned within the innocence of his own soul. Still conjecture at this point.

Armory: Yeah right, you think I want you to see the horrible gear I'm wearing?
RP: Frequent/dedicated
PvP: One of these days...
PvE: Dedicated
Raid: Eventually...