A High Priestess for the Church of Stormwind, Zylia Vale has some political sway and is known to be associated with the Shadow Hall despite her apparent dislike of their leader, Ura Blackstone. Zylia is in a longstanding relationship with paladin Arterius Benesius. She is more commonly known as the Lamb of Stormwind.

Character DescriptionEdit

Zylia is really unremarkable to the eyes. She stands at a petite 5'3" and has mouse-brown hair. Her skin is pale, almost as though she never sees the light of day. Despite her pale complexion, freckles cover her face, making her look very young. Her eyes are a pale violet and the most rebellious thing about her seems to be a purple stud in her left nostril. A light glow seems to surround the woman, though that could very well simply be her extremely pale complexion.

Unlike most women of Azeroth, Zylia seems to have taken every step to cover up as much as possible. Her thick robes hide any form of a figure, and cover her from chin to ankles. Her gloves usually go up to her elbows, despite the fact that her voluminous sleeves nearly reach her knuckles. Pins indicating her position as both diplomat and ambassador are neatly displayed. A heavy metal tome hangs from a chain attached to her armor in the style of a paladin's libram.

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